CE Credit - First Responders

Overdose Lifeline has developed CE courses and a 20-hour certificate program on Addiction / Substance Use Disorder with an Opioid Specialization.

An individual may pursue individual course CE credits or complete the entire Certificate Program (20 credits).

The courses / program assists First Responders in building knowledge and competency in the underserved area - substance use disorder/opioid crisis.

Indiana State Department of Health Sponsored Training

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) is sponsoring training fees for the three courses for corrections and probations, first responders, and schools in 49 identified rural counties.

More Information

CE Accreditation Statement

As an approved Law Enforcement Training Board training provider (#47-1333720), Overdose Lifeline online training courses meet annual in-service training requirements for Indiana Law Enforcement officers and support personnel, specifically for Mental Illness, Addiction & Disabilities IC 5-2-1-9(g)

For first responders in states other than Indiana, before beginning any of the Overdose Lifeline online courses we recommend that you verify that the course is of suitable subject matter and content for annual in-service training with your Department’s Certified Instructor.

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CE Credit Course Requirements

  • 100% course completion

  • 80% (minimum) passing grade on the final exam

  • Complete the course ending survey

How to Receive CE Credit(s)

During course registration you will be prompted to select your CE Credit area. You should select "IN First Responder".

Upon successful completion of the course you will be issued a certificate which includes the information required to submit to Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board. The specific information required includes:

Overdose Lifeline’s Provider #47-1333720. 

Continuing Education / Training Hours

Course Number

Please follow the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board procedure below to ensure your training is properly reported, 

  1. Register for the class(es).
  2. Complete the class and all the requirements with a passing score.
  3. Print the certificate of completion or other documentation that indicates your successful completion of the class.
  4. Report the training by submitting a copy of the certificate and provide the LETB Certified Training Provider number to your department Training Coordinator.
  5. The Training Coordinator will report the training through Acadis as part of your annual in-service training using the LETB Certified Training Provider number for the organization that presented the online training.


If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact [email protected].

About the Course Topics

  • Major Public Health Crisis

    Addiction / Substance use disorders (SUDs) are a major public health concern in the United States. Nearly 20 million Americans 12 years of age or older have SUD, with 2.5 million Americans having a SUD involving either prescription opioids or heroin.

  • Community-Wide Effort Required

    "No single organization or person can address the multitude of services needed to help people affected by mental health or substance use conditions… the best sources are the people who live, serve, and work in the community and the best results are often seen when they undertake such action together."

    SAMHSA, One Voice, One Community

  • Cross-Sector Community Collaboration

    The Overdose Lifeline continuing education courses assist law enforcement, laypersons and clinicians in building knowledge and competency in the underserved area - substance use disorder / opioid health crisis.

    Allowing individuals across community sectors to work together more efficiently and effectively in prevention efforts and to better serve those affected.