Course Access

Access Via Computer, Tablet, or Mobile Device

The course may be accessed from a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Internet access is required as are speakers for audio. The course will remain available in your account for six months - allowing you to resume and complete the course at your own pace and schedule within the six month time period.
Course Access

Course Dashboard Review

Progress Tracked | Return & Pick-up Where You Left Off

The course dashboard is designed to be helpful and intuitive. The below guide displays some of the key features designed to help you navigate through your course. At any time you can end your course session and return at a later date. Your course progress will be saved/recorded allowing you to pick-up from when you last left off. Or return to a chapter, or module, that you had previously completed.

Course Completion and Certificate

Certificate Issued Upon Completion

This course includes a "Certificate of Completion" which is delivered upon 100% course completion and the achievement of a minimum 80% passing grade on the final exam. Certificates expire 2 years from issue date.

If you achieved a 80% or higher grade on your final exam, a link to your Certificate of Completion will be referenced on-screen at the end of the course (see below) and your certificate credentials will be delivered to the email address associated with the course's registration. Credentials are through Accredible.

Your Course Certificate Credentials

Course credentials are hosted at Accredible ( Your Accredible credential dashboard allows you to access your certificate of completion, course completion badge, share your credentials, connect to your social and LinkedIN accounts, and more.
Your Course Certificate Credentials

Purdue University CE and Certificate Program

Coming Soon

Overdose Lifeline’s published courses are currently undergoing accreditation process for clinical and professional CE credit. Once complete, the courses will transition from a Overdose Lifeline “Certificate of Completion” to a Purdue University certificate. Moving forward, all new courses will publish with this accredidation process completed.
Purdue University CE and Certificate Program


  • What is the difference between a course and a trainer course?

    A trainer course allows someone to license the course program and become trained to deliver the course program within their local community. Learn more about trainer courses

    Whereas a course is taken by an individual for their personal educational goals or CEUs.

  • Do you provide group or enterprise pricing?

    Yes, group or enterprise pricing is available which includes the ability to track group progress against training objectives.

  • Does the course work on mobile devices?

    Yes, the course is a fully responsive site designed for learning on any device, including mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop.

  • If I access the course through different devices will I be able to resume the course where I last left off?

    Yes, you can resume on any device exactly where you left off, even mid-video. You can resume play on any device, including mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

  • I would like more information about the CE and Certificate Program through Purdue University

    In partnership with Purdue University College of Pharmacy, Office of Continuing Education, Overdose Lifeline is developing layperson and clinician CE and certificate program on Addiction / Substance Use Disorder – with Opioid Specialization.

    The program will assist clinicians in building knowledge and competency in the underserved area - substance use disorder/opioid crisis. As well as, for those from other disciplines who have a role in addressing the opioid crisis or who want to learn more about substance use disorder and the opioid public health crisis. The program is structured to support the educational needs of healthcare clinicians, students and the layperson.

    Overdose Lifeline’s published courses are currently undergoing accreditation review. They will transition from a Overdose Lifeline “Certificate of Completion” to a Purdue University certificate upon completion of the review and accreditation process. Future courses will publish with the accreditation process already completed.We anticipate this transition to occur in MARCH 2019.

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