About the Practicum

To be completed after completing the eight (8) online courses.

The practicum for the 20-credit advanced certificate program requires completion of 1) 5-question reflection survey and 2) brief assignment. You have 18 months from the start of your first online course complete the practicum.

About the Assignment

The main goal of the practicum is to provide you with the opportunity of applying the course learning by doing. You are provided with two assignment options: a written essay or a 2-week abstinence assignment.

Note: Your practicum assignment will be reviewed for completion and you will receive notice of acceptance within 7 days of submission. If accepted, you will receive instructions for accessing your Certificate of Completion for the 20-Credit Certificate Program. 

If your assignment is not accepted, you will receive feedback and have the opportunity to re-submit.

After Submission, What to Expect

Upon completion of the reflection survey and assignment you will receive your certificate of completion for the 20-Credit Certificate Program on Substance Use Disorder with an Opioid Specialization. This is in addition to the certificates issued for the eight individual courses.

Questions? Contact us at training@overdoselifeline.org