About the Trainer Program

The Opioid Public Health Crisis Trainer Program will provide you the materials and resources and teach you how to deliver the program within your community(ies). To earn trainer designation, individuals complete one or more prerequisite courses and program training via the web. Materials provided via the Trainer Resource Center allows program delivery via on-site or webinar settings.   

The Opioid Public Health Crisis (OPHC) Program and Trainer Course is available for use by individuals, healthcare professionals and groups and organizations who are working to prevent and reduce the effects of the opioid public health crisis or who serve individuals at risk for opioid misuse/addiction or overdose.

This program is designed to be delivered to layperson or professionals within your community(ies). This includes, but not limited to:
Businesses, coalition and community members, correctional facilities, educators, faith groups, government, health care professionals, parents and caregivers, pharmacies, school nurses, senior living facilities, sober living communities, treatment and recovery centers, etc.

The training course provides the necessary information to understand and address the potential misuse of opioids, risk factors, and suggested prevention and reduction methods. The training course includes a toolset which is customizable for the professional or layperson audiences.

When deployed across a community, or state, it results in all key stakeholders carrying the same awareness and knowledge level and improves cross-channel collaboration and results.

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Learning Objectives

  • You will acquire an in-depth understanding of the opioid public health crisis - what is occurring.

  • Acquire knowledge of how the health crisis developed, the contributors and risk factors.

  • Understand the multi-faceted solutions model that states and communities are applying to reduce the effects of the health crisis and the actions an individual / professional can take to improve the outcomes.

Program and Training Pricing

  • Training: $225/person. Includes prerequisite Brain and the Disease of Addiction course, The Opioid Public Health Crisis online course and live web training, and trainer's kit.

  • Program Access: $400/year. Provides access for one or more trainers within an organization to use the materials.

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We recommend that you contact us directly prior to purchasing. This will allow us to provide you with more information, review how the programming may be customized for your community, discuss annual licensing fees and the discounts available for multi-program purchases.

When you're ready, contact us: Fill out the form, email us or call 844.554.3354, ext 4 for more information.

Bonus Materials

Program materials available through the trainer resource center

  • Program Delivery

    Presentation PowerPoint with trainer notes and complete script.

  • For Your Attendees

    Attendee pre-post survey, handouts (i.e. quick reference sheet, course notes, additional resources), and certificate of attendance.

  • Additional Resources

    Trainer's receive CE Credit for courses completed during the training process.

    COMING SOON: Special attendee discount for additional online learning courses from Overdose Lifeline.

Trainer Training Process

What to Expect

  • Register: You will be asked to register as a trainer/facilitator of the program.

  • Prerequisite: You will complete the prerequisite course as the first part of your training process.

  • Program Course: Then you will take the Opioid Public Health Crisis online course to help familiarize yourself with the concepts and information.

  • Coaching & Technical Assistance: Once you have completed steps 1-3, a live web meeting will be scheduled to review the program materials and toolset to help prepare you for your first delivery of the program.

  • Resource Center: Access to the Trainer Resource Center and program materials.

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