Course Description

In this course you will learn the role that Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) plays in the treatment of Opioid Use Disorders.

The course will include a fundamental understanding of MAT, the types of medication used in treatment, controversy regarding MAT, the myths associated with its use, and how MAT is a critical tool in effective evidence-based treatment of addiction.

Participants will gain understanding of how MAT fits into the overall treatment continuum for persons with Opioid Use Disorder, identify three medications that are proven to be effective in treatment, learn the basic characteristics of the medication, identify which patients may be best suited for each medication, and identify other psychotherapies and activities that enhance a comprehensive addiction treatment program.

This course is for individuals, family members, and stakeholders including students, health care professionals, those in criminal justice fields, mental health professionals, and others in the general public and helping professions.

What You Will Learn

  • The definition of what is referred to as MAT.

  • Understand why MAT is so critical in the fight against opioid use disorders and why it is a model of chronic care management.

  • Identify three medications used in MAT.

  • Understand how each medication works in the brain.

  • Understand and dispel myths and controversy associated with MAT.

  • Learn how MAT fits into a larger continuum of professional treatment using the National Institute on Drug Abuse principles of effective treatment.

  • Learn basic laws and regulations surrounding the use of MAT.