About the Trainer Course

This bundles includes access to the The Brain and the Disease of Addiction Trainer course and the trainer's kit.

The Brain and the Disease of Addiction Trainer Course will teach you how to deliver the program within your community(ies). The course materials provide a foundational understanding of how the brain is affected from substances such as drugs and alcohol and how the disease of addiction develops.

The course is for individuals, parents, students, healthcare professionals, and groups and organizations who are will benefit from an understanding and knowledge of the science of the disease of addiction.

Materials provided via the Trainer Resource Center allows program delivery via on-site or webinar settings.

Trainer Course & License Fees

In addition to the $130 training fee, a program license fee of $200 is required to gain access to program materials and to deliver this course. The licensing allows one or more individuals from an organization to access the program materials.

The program license payment is made separately from the training fee. If you represent an organization that has already paid the licensing fee — then you are all set to proceed with the training.

If you need to pay the program license fee, or have questions, please contact Overdose Lifeline at 844-554-3354 or send an email to training@overdoselifeline.org.

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Trainer's Kit

Your trainer's kit will ship within 2-3 business days upon receipt of payment, arriving within 4-6 business days.

Program Materials

Upon completion of the trainer's course all certified trainer's will receive access to the Trainer Resource Center and the program materials for use in training individuals within their community.

Bonus Materials

Program materials available through the resource center

  • Program Delivery

    Presentation PowerPoint with trainer notes and complete script.

  • For Your Attendees

    Attendee pre-post survey, handouts (i.e. quick reference sheet, course notes, additional resources), and certificate of attendance.

  • Coming Soon

    Customizable flyer to help promote an upcoming event. Special attendee discount for additional online learning courses from Overdose Lifeline.

Trainer Training Process

What to Expect

  • Register: You will be asked to register as a presenter/trainer of the program. Once received, Ovedose Lifeline will create a Trainer account and provide access to the Resource Center and program materials.

  • Program Course: Then you will take the Brain and the Disease of Addiction course as a student to help familiarize yourself with the concepts and information.

  • Coaching & Technical Assistance: Once you have completed the program online course, a live web meeting will be scheduled to review the program materials and toolset to help prepare you for your first delivery of the program.

Bundle includes

The Brain and the Disease of Addiction Trainer

What People Are Saying

About the Brain and the Disease of Addiction Course

"This course allowed me to truly understand the science behind the disease, which allowed me to really grasp addiction in terms of a disease rather than a moral failing."

"I developed a better understanding of how illicit drugs affect the brain and why it is so difficult to actually recover."

"I have developed a basic understanding of addiction and will be able to articulate this information to classes of middle school students and college students, in the near future. I also have a greater understanding of terminology used to describe patterns of addition."

"I particularly found the discussion surrounding brain chemistry and the evidence-based science behind addiction very helpful and beneficial. "

"I never really understood the science behind addiction, but now I feel that I have more understanding and compassion for those who struggle with the disease of addiction. It was also beneficial to learn how drugs effect the brain , how the brain reacts to drugs and its release of dopamine."

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